Sending electronic Christmas cards - A guide for businesses

The traditional Christmas card - made of fine paper - at the end of the year has a firm place in our business culture. in our business culture. It is good manners to express one's appreciation to customers, suppliers or employees in this way. to express their appreciation in this way.

Like all things, this tradition is subject to more and more change, and from many different From many points of view, the map on paper no longer seems so contemporary at first glance.

But what exactly is the electronic version all about? and can it represent a real alternative?

What exactly is an e-card or electronic card

First of all, an e-card is a digital visual content, like an image or a video. This is then also transmitted digitally to the recipient. Usually by e-mail or a comparable comparable messaging program, i.e. messenger such as WhatsApp or similar. Parallel the card motif is also often used on the company website or social media channels. channels.

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Less is often more

The forms of electronic cards are varied. In the simplest case they are, images specially optimized for the Internet. But also animated image content, such as the popular GIF format, or video content are possible. However, it must be remembered that video content video content is not necessarily displayed optimally to every recipient. E-mail programs of the recipients are often not optimized for the display of moving images and the desired effect is is completely missed. Simple image content has the highest probability of being visible to the recipient in an recipient and thus leave the desired impression.

Motifs and rights of use

Of course, there is an almost inexhaustible number of image motifs on the Internet and what would be more obvious than to simply make use of them. Of course, this is not so easy, especially in the business sector. simple. Before you can use a picture motif for your electronic card, you first have to acquire the corresponding acquire the corresponding rights of use. Copyright protects these from arbitrary use. use. These usage rights are usually restricted in one way or another. Possibly regionally, so that you may only use them in certain countries, or as to the number of recipients or the time of use.

Unfortunately, these factors are not readily assessable in online use, which further further complicates matters.


Assuming you have found your image motif and acquired all the necessary rights of use. Including the right to adapt the motif according to your ideas, i.e. to add texts or your company logo or to adjust the colors according to your company's image. Provided that all these points have been clarified, all you need now is a graphic designer or or appropriately trained employees who can make the desired adjustments and produce the image in an in a form optimized for online use.

Sounds complicated? It is.

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