Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of questions that our customers frequently ask us. Perhaps the answer you are looking for is already there.
Otherwise, please feel free to contact us at:

What does an e-card cost?

For your desired motif, the individualization and extensive usage rights for digital business use, you pay a one-time fee of € 99,- (incl. 19% VAT). You can find more information about the usage right here. Also keep your eyes open for our discount promotions.

Do you also offer shipping of the digital cards (e.g. via email)?

No, we offer motifs, customization and extensive usage rights.
We do not accompany the shipping or online placement.

Do you also offer customization of the individual cards, e.g. name imprint or similar?

No, you can customize the text and motif of the card and receive 1 copy per purchase with corresponding rights of use as far as reproduction is concerned.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to personalize single copies of the card, such as imprinting a name.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer the following four convenient payment methods?
- Credit card payment
- direct debit
- Paypal
- Purchase on account (via PayPal)

In which format will I receive my e-card?

You will receive your e-card from us as a JPG image file in 1200 x 1440 pixel format.
The file will be ready for download immediately after payment.

I have forgotten my password - how do I get my already purchased e-cards now?

No problem, just use the ""forgot password" function to set a new password.

Can I also print out my e-card?

The image file we provide is not optimized for printing. Corresponding rights of use are not included. For digital distribution, we offer you the optimal quality, as well as extensive usage rights.

Can I create several variations of my e-card?
(e.g. different signatures or logos)

No, currently it is not possible to change a paid e-card. You would have to create one variant as a new card. Please feel free to ask us for an individual discount when ordering multiple cards.

Can I send my e-card to as many recipients as I want?

Yes, you receive unlimited usage rights with your purchase as far as the number of recipients is concerned.

Is the period of use limited in time?

No, you can use your e-card for an unlimited period of time.

Is the usage limited regionally?

No, you can use your e-card worldwide without any restrictions.