The business e-card as an inexpensive digital advertising medium

Effectively drawing attention to your own company in this age of digital puffery is no easy task.
All too often, digital advertising campaigns are lost in the background noise of the Internet and unfortunately do not bring the desired success.

Only an authentic presentation of the company can win over potential customers and inspire them in the long term. for their own product in the long term.
In this context, although social networks offer great potential for a presentation, on the other hand, the attention span here is often not particularly long and the inclined viewers do not react in the desired way.
So the quality of the contributions is all the more crucial here.
What often seems so simple and spontaneous often seems so simple and spontaneous, is often the work of professionals behind the scenes. With a In most cases, you can't really score points here with a self-made photo montage.

At this point we would like to recommend our e-cards as an inexpensive professional advertising medium advertising medium.

Discover your e-card now

Our modern and high-quality motifs are sure to make the good impression you and your company would like to leave behind.
With our editor you can adjust all motifs in a few simple steps in terms of color and text and add your company logo. Ready is the professional advertising material for all your digital channels.
In addition, we grant you - and this is an important point for business use - extensive rights of use extensive rights of use, which allow you to use your card in a legally secure way on all digital media - and to do so permanently. So set yourself apart from the competition by not doing things by halves when it comes to presentation and use a stylish advertising medium right from the start, which will convince your potential will be convinced.
Mit unserem fairen Festpreis können Sie sicher sein, dass keinerlei versteckte Kosten oder Forderungen auftauchen (wenn Sie sich beispielsweise entscheiden Ihre E-Card auch international in einem E-Mail Rundschreiben oder einem angeschlossenen Firmen-Blog zu veröffentlichen). Wir bieten die Rundum-Sorglos-Garantie für alle digitalen Kanäle.
By the way, this also includes all messenger services such as WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook Messenger, etc. included.

Also in comparison to a commissioned work from the designer, the e-card offers even more decisive advantages.

  • The e-card is certainly cheaper than you could buy a professional design service you would normally be able to buy.
  • You save time - coordination with a service provider is time-consuming and sometimes tough. Simply save your design here, agree on any changes and then receive your cards for immediate use. your cards immediately for use.
  • What you see is what you get - you simply select your favorite motif and preview of your data in real time - no misunderstandings and no unwanted surprises.

If we could not convince you yet, we would like to offer you herewith 15% discount on your next purchase.
With the following code you will receive a corresponding discount on your e-card or e-cards :)

Discover your e-card now

Take your company presentation to a new level and turn your followers into customers and convince them with professional advertising materials that are well received - in all circumstances.

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